Falken Ziex ZE960 A/S

The versatile ZIEX ZE960 A/S delivers exceptional performance and responsive handling in any condition. Flask Siping provides enhanced hydroplaning resistance and wet weather traction throughout the life of the tire, while Canyon Groove technology enhances snow traction without disrupting a smooth ride. Designed to match the performance attributes of today’s premium coupes and sedans, the ZIEX ZE960 A/S delivers confidence and control behind the wheel. Featuring up to a 65,000 mile Tread Life Warranty, the ZE960 provides drivers with safety and performance season after season.

Tire Brand

Tire Category


Tire Line

Part Number


Tire Size

Load Range


Tire Max Inflation Pressure

50 lbs

Max Load

1521 lbs

Mileage Warranty

45,000 miles

Service Description


Sidewall Description

BSW – Black Sidewall

Tread Depth


Tire UTQG Rating

540 A A

Tire Weight

26.20 lbs.

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