Nitto Tires N217-620 – Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

Nitto Tires presents the latest addition to their Grappler lineup—the all-new Ridge Grappler tires! With their edgy M/T appearance, on-road performance of a traditional A/T, and two different sidewall choices, Ridge Grapplers pack many features into a multipurpose tire. Several new perks include: a reinforced block foundation for reduced flex of the tread blocks; alternating shoulder grooves to clear mud; stone ejectors to prevent damage from stone drilling; and a lateral Z-groove center tread pattern—providing exceptional biting edges for traction. With load ranges from C through F, Nitto Ridge Grapplers can be installed on any light truck and not lose any towing capability. That truly makes them hybrid tires!

Tire Brand

Tire Line

Part Number


Tire Size

Max Load

3,415 lbs.

Sidewall Description


Tread Depth

16.4/32 in.

Wheel Diameter


Tire Construction


Tire Diameter

32.83 in.

Section Width

11.26 in.

Speed Rating


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